ADLQ achieves ABP WADA Accreditation

ADLQ has achieved accreditation for the tests of Athletes Biological Passport ( ABP ) with effect from 10th of February, 2014.

ADLQ celebrating Sports National Day 2014

For the second year, the celebration took place in Katara with physical activities to the public as well as to ADLQ staff and families.

ADLQ first staff annual gathering

ADLQ have had their first annual gathering in March 2014. Staff were rewarded for different achievements and had a lovely informal time together.

ADLQ concludes their participation in the School Olympic Program 2013 – 2014

The school Olympic Day had their finals in the Aspire Dome in March 2014 with ADLQ participation as one of the partners.

Workshop for Blood Collection Officer

ADLQ holds a workshop for Blood collection Officers in collaboration with Qatar Anti-Doping Commission in 5th of May.

ADLQ annual Sympsoium 2014

ADLQ holds its 4th annual symposium ( Anti-Doping; Sports Integrity and Public Health ) in May 6h and 7th.

International Handball Federation 2014

ADLQ signs a MoU with the International Handball Federation in September 2014.


Ian Thorpe visits Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar

Swimming legend and five-time Olympic champion, Ian Thorp, has visited the Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar on 13th of February 2013.

The great swimmer has explored the facility with the management of ADLQ in a tour. He has also met the whole team and took memorandum pictures with them to record this distinguished visit.


Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar ( ADLQ ) and sports day

ADLQ participated in the National Sports Day for the second year in Katara with more activites that have targeted different age groups of the crowd .

The activities included : football scoring goals for football lovers, Coloring and Drawing competitions for younger kids as well as a BMI competition.


ADLQ in Qatar Career Fair 2013

Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar has participated in Qatar Career Fair for the first time this year since it started back in 2011.

ADLQ had one of their Directors on their stand at all times during the Fair to meet the interested visitors and to answer any enquiries they might have.


Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar wins 4 grants from the Qatar National Research Fund

ADLQ has applied for research grants from the Qatar National Research Fund for the first time this year and won four grants. The four projects are related to Health which serves one of the important pillars of Qatar National Strategy.


Symposium on the History of Doping and Anti-Doping to take place in Doha

ADLQ third annual symposium has been held in collaboration with Qatar Olympic & Sports Museum under the title “The history of Doping and Anti-Doping” in the Auditorium of the Museum of Islamic Art on May 6 and 7, 2013.


Anti Doping Lab Qatar IRB (Institutional Review Board) gets SCH approval

ADLQ IRB has been approved and registered with the Supreme Council of Health. Their services are not limited to ADLQ alone, but also to research proposals involving human participants, from all over the State of Qatar


Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar Board Of Trustees Meeting

Board of Trustees of ( ADLQ ) had their first meeting for the year 2012 on 14th and 15th of May, chaired by Dr Mohammed AL Maadheed in his capacity as the Board of Trustees Chairman.


Biomedical and Translational Symposium Research

ADLQ second annual symposium under the title ( Biomedical and Translational Research ) in the Torch Hotel on 16th and 17th of May 2012.

The Symposium has discussed different topics of Biomedical and Translational research through the presentations of 19 speakers from all over the world. It had been a rich environment of people’s theories, hard work and expertise.

And it was concluded by a round table discussion of the participants which was most fruitful.


Memorandum of Understanding between UCL FBS and ADLQ

In July 2012, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences -Centre for Clinical Pharmacology- UCL (University College London) has signed an agreement with ADLQ to formalize and strengthen the already established collaboration between both parties particularly in the fields of research, education and training.

It has also included making use of the expertise of ADLQ staff in the field of Olympic Games through : providing London Anti-Doping Lab/King’s College with Scientists and providing technical support in order to apply the protocol of doping control activities in course of Games of the Olympiad held in London in 2012.


Female Qatari Young Scientists are off to the London 2012 Olympics

A team of the best caliber in the field of Anti-Doping has actually participated in London Olympic Games 2012.

ADLQ is proud to collaborate with London Anti-Doping Laboratory for the doping testing of Athletes for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

And London Anti-Doping Lab will be receiving four young Qatari scientists from ADLQ to participate in the operations of the lab during the games and get a life time opportunity of on-the-job training.


ADLQ participation to the world conference of Horse, Camel and Dog racing Animals Antidoping

ADLQ participated in the 19th International Conference of Racing Analysts & Veterinarians (ICRAV) held in Philadelphia, USA from 16th till 21st of September, 2012.


ADLQ Team participating in ( The Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting )

Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar ( ADLQ ) has participated recently in ( The Obesity Society’s 30th Annual Scientific Meeting ) held in San Antonio, Texas, USA in the period from 20th to 24th of September, 2012.


First ADLQ Symposium

On 26th and 27th of May 2011, ADLQ had their first annual symposium ( Advancing Sciences in the Fight Against Doping ) which was held in Aspetar.


Ground Breaking ceremony of ADLQ

On 16th of March 2010, the Ground Breaking ceremony of Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar took place in Aspire Zone.