Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar wins 4 grants from the Qatar National Research Fund

Anti-Doping laboratory Qatar has proved once again its uniqueness. This time the Laboratory’s commitment to research and education has been proven genuine. ADLQ has been awarded funding of four research projects from the Qatar National Research Fund.
It is impressive to have four grants winning as ADLQ is applying officially to the QNRF for the first year. The four projects are related to Health which serves one of the important pillars of Qatar National Strategy.
Two of the projects is being undertaken by Dr, Syed Goda, senior research Scientist in ADLQ, with the following topics : ( Protein engineering of Glucarpidase to improve cancer therapy strategies: New synthesis of novel bioactive class of natural products) and ( Mast cell proteases as key clinical markers in allergic disease).
(Gas and liquid chromatographic high resolution full scan mass spectrometry screening of sports doping substances combined with high sensitivity confirmatory methodology in the human urine) is the research project of Dr. Costas Georgakopoulos, Director of the Doping Lab in ADLQ and former Director of Athens Anti-Doping Laboratory. The fourth research of Dr. Muhammad Al Rayess, also a senior research Scientist in ADLQ, will be covering (The role of preadipocyte differentiation in site-specific adipocyte dysfunction and development of obesity-induced insulin resistance).
(We are very proud of ADLQ team), said Dr. Muhammad Alsayrafi , General Manager of ADLQ. ( I assure you this is one achievement of more to come. And I personally feel that winning the grants is a natural result of all the hard work that those great scientists have put in. And ofcourse we sincerely thank the QNRF for giving ADLQ the chance to positively contribute to the development of our country through science and research.)