ADLQ participation to the world conference of Horse, Camel and Dog racing Animals Antidoping

ADLQ participated in the 19th International Conference of Racing Analysts & Veterinarians (ICRAV) held in Philadelphia, USA from 16th till 21st of September, 2012.
ICRAV takes place every other year. The forum is a unique opportunity for research scientists of racing animal anti-doping and for veterinarians where they get information and discuss all the latest progresses in the racing analytical technology, regulations and animal health.
ICRAV is organized by both the International Group of Specialist Racing Veterinarians – IGSRV and the Association of Official Racing Chemists – AORC, the international body of the racing animal anti-doping analysts which ADLQ has a professional membership in .
This conference is dedicated to exchanging knowledge and ideas which are most important to maintaining the integrity of animal racing through making scientific recommendations to racing authorities and proposing new technologies that can help in the field of dope testing and veterinary treatment.
The event included interesting presentations of the topic, fruitful meetings as well as round table discussions.
Through their participation in the ICRAV, ADLQ emphasized the importance of developing a closer relationship between the antidoping technology of human sports, driven by the World Antidoping Agency – WADA and the antidoping of animal sports, driven by AORC.
Dr. Muhammad Alsayrafi , General manager of Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar, has commented on their participation : ( ADLQ is one of the very few antidoping laboratories in the world that covers both technologies: the human antidoping and the animal antidoping. We , in ADLQ ,will undertake in the near future initiatives on an international level towards exchanging analytical information and data between scientists of human and animal anti-doping fields).